11 April 2011

Aqua Babes

When I signed up with SIM to come to Niger 'long term' (any commitment greater than two years) I had to go through some pretty extensive well-rounded training.  The motif woven through each session and course was: M's wear lots of hats.

Cet à dire we often end up filling roles and taking on responsibilities we didn't initially sign up for.

I knew taking on other roles would come eventually, but I was hoping for more the 5th or 6th month-mark, not the second.

I'm not sure how it happened . . . but it did.  I'm now officially the SIM Galmi Water Aerobics Instructor!

If I remember correctly, the interview went a little something like this:
N: We should start water aerobics back up again. 
All the women of the compound, in one accord: GREAT IDEA!
N: Well, we need someone to lead it.
All the women of the compound, in one accord: (silence)
N: Hey, Deb., could you lead water aerobics?
Deb.: Uh . . . . . . uh . . . uh . . . . . . okay, sure, why not.
And that's how I got the job.  I figure I'm the only ATC, MOTR/L on the compound, so naturally I have a background in strength training and conditioning, as well as coaching others through strenuous exercise sets.  I mean, it's water aerobics after all, not cello lessons!  (But just for the record, if we ever had a cello teacher on the compound, I would sign up!)

With a little advice from my omniscient friend Google, I found some great ideas for not only an aerobic component, but lots of toning too.

I wrote down the order of exercises on a pieces of paper, along with a few notes to myself about coaching through proper technique.  I'd hate for one of my ladies to miss a session due to a pulled muscle because I didn't advise correctly . . . No Pain No Gain was a lousy ad campaign.  Wrapped the paper in seran wrap . . . can't have Google's wisdom washing away . . . and hit the pool.

Tonight was our first session.  It went really well.

Except, now I'm tired and sore.  Oy.


Bethany Reamer said...

wish i could be in your class ;)

nancy.devalve said...

I love water aerobics. I'm moving to Galmi so i can be in your class.

Deborah Berruti said...

Sweet! But you have to know, it's part of our Galmi Extreme Make Over project . . . we're trying to get SIMAir to change the location of their hub airport . . . you know, to boost the local economy. Galmi International is going to get a face lift and the STA Cyber Café will begin serving Starbucks style espresso drinks!

Deborah Berruti said...

Mondays and Thursdays at 8 . . .I'm sure if you leave now you can make the next one!!

Kari said...

I'd love to be in your class, too! And I LOVE the fact that you saran-wrapped Google's omniscience. :)