04 March 2011

No One Said Anything About Scorpions

Okay, so that's not true.  I knew there would be scorpions in Niger . . . but in order to get on the airplane back in February I had to tell myself I would never see them.  Like spiders, we would be able to exist peacefully . . . they'd agree never to enter my house and I'd pretend like they don't exist.  Well, today, one broke our truce.

I was just standing in the kitchen, pouring myself a nice tall glass of ice water.  As I was pouring, I saw out of the corner of my eye a little tan blur on my blue scrub top.  I looked closer, and there, perched on my right breast, was a baby-sized scorpion smiling up at me.

My first thought was to rip my shirt off and run shrieking out of the house . . . but I remembered that would break the No Streaking rule on the compound, and I'm still too new to be breaking rules.  Besides, he would have probably fallen off and gotten away.

So (as usual) I went with Plan B: calmly walk to the sink, shake him off, and wash him down the drain.

I stepped up to the sink and leaned over it.  When the neck of my scrubs opened enough to fit my hand in, I gently tapped the inside of my shirt with the hopes that he would let go.  When I mustered up enough courage to look back again, he was gone from my chest.  I quick glanced in the sink, ready to dart my hand to the water tap to wash him away (Hey!  It's his own fault for trespassing!) . . . but he was gone!  I checked the sink, the counter top, and the floor.  Nothing.  Gone into thin air.  Il est disparu!!

But I will find him . . . I will scour this place until I hunt him down . . . otherwise, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight!

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