17 March 2011

Mecredi Sans Mots

 That's right!  It's Wordless Wednesday . . . well at least it was.  It's just taken this long for them to upload.
The family member of a patient waits to speak with a surgeon
during morning rounds.

A granny waiting outside of the OB department for
her new grandchild to be born via c-section.

The floors of patient rooms are always carpeted with
family members.  They provide all the personal care
for the patients, such as feeding, toileting, and bathing.
It's taken me a month, but I've finally gotten some smiles out of this little girl.
Our only option for children with femur fractures is six weeks of traction in bed.

This is my buddy Ï.  I tried to get a shot of his gorgeous
smile, but he wanted to look cool.

Another motorcycle accident . . . our most common orthopedic injuries are as a
result of the motos that are being much more common as they are more affordable
than cars.

Not a very good picture, but this is a burn patient I've been working with.  He
walked yesterday for the first time in a month . . . I guess I'm just really proud
of him (and apparently, so are his brothers).  

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Bethany said...

thanks, Deb. i love the pictures!