02 March 2011

For the YAMmies

This morning, at 2am local time I had a nice little skype chat with the FBC Young Adults Bible study.  One of the things they asked me to share was a 'funny story.'  Lets just say, the only part they found funny was at the end when I said 'Well, it was really funny for me.'

So, in an attempt to redeem my story-telling abilities, here's a new one for you.

The other night I had to go to a meeting.  Now, I live in a duplex, so there's the outside door that leads to a short hallway and at the end is the door to my place.  Normally when I am home or my neighbor is, we keep the front door open so that people know they can stop by to see one or the both of us.

So L. had already left for the meeting and so it was up to me to close and lock the front door.  As I removed the small boulder that acts as our door stop and began to swing the door closed, there was a sudden series of hard crashes against the metal roof.

I hit the ground as if it was a Bronx driveby . . . actually I thought it might be bats and even though they have awesome sonar (and Hannah the batkeeper once told me this could never happen) I was afraid one might attack me . . . hey, I once had a bat in my apartment . . . those suckers are ruthless when they're scared!

As I scanned the night sky for signs of my winged nemeses . . . but nothing.  Not a bat in sight.  Instead, there on the wall of my house was at least a dozen daddy-sized lizards!  They were scaly and dragon-like, ready to breath fire at me (I'm sure) if I got too close.

But I guess all in all, we were even . . . at the sight of fear they hit the roof, I hit the floor.

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