13 March 2011

Back at the Kids' Table

During church this morning there was no power.  Which means no fans.  After about 10 minutes, my skirt was so soaked with sweat I felt like I had wet my pants (but I didn't . . . I PROMISE!!).  After 20 minutes I had drunk 3/4 of my water bottle, and after 30 minutes I considered going home, unsure of how much more I could take.

I had determined to make it at least through the first half of the sermon . . . or at least the last quarter of my water before leaving.

But I never got the chance.

Someone in a pew somewhere started singing and the kids all jumped up and scattered for the exits.  Sunday School.  I figured this meant the sermon would be starting shortly and I would soon be able to head home to drench myself.

My water-filled day-dream came to a screeching halt when I woman I recognized approached me, and in French told me to come with her.  Unsure of what was happening (and desperate for some moving air) I went with her.  I was met at the door by two little hands that pulled me toward the exit of the church's compound.  I found myself being led down the street in a sea of children laughing and giggling, staring and smiling at me.  We were on our way to Sunday School.

About a block from the church, we entered a compound . . . I believe it's the Pastor's house.  My two little guides brought me to a covered cement slab.  The two dozen 3-6 year olds all took their flip-flops off and sat on a mat on the ground.  One of them brought me a stool.

Saratu and Saratu (the two teachers) began with some songs.  Thankfully there were hand motions and lots of swaying and dancing and clapping so I could participate.  Before I knew what was happening, S1 introduced me and asked me to teach the kids a song.  Feeling stumped, the first thing I came up with was I'm a Little Tea Pot . . . but that wouldn't fly, this was church.  Unfortunately I didn't learn any kids songs in French, so I quick thought of one that has motions: Deep and Wide!  PERFECT!

Now, keep in mind that tend to only sing in the shower or when I'm alone in the car . . . and now it was solo time!  After many attempts to get the words, we moved on the mmmmm's (you know: mmmm and wide, mmmm and wide, there's a fountain flowing mmmm and wide . . . you don't remember that part??).  They humored me and mmmmm-ed away in nearly perfect harmony.

After a few more songs there was a Bible story and then offering and then time to walk back to church.  When we got to the church, S1 smiled and said 'If you're going to learn Hausa, you need to come back each week.  You have to start at the beginning.'

Today's fabric sightings: Umbrellas, Ponies, and Rope.


Kari said...

It IS a PERFECT learning opportunity! I'm glad that S1 knows this and took you along to Sunday School!

Kari said...

It IS a PERFECT learning opportunity! I'm glad that S1 knows this and took you along to Sunday School!