30 January 2011

Where'd It All Go??

Wow . . . what a whirlwind the month has been!  Despite the hours logged traveling, the best part has been catching up with so many of you!

I'm currently out in CO with the kiddos for a long weekend.  Yesterday I had a date with J who turns 4 next week and another with B, 5 1/2.  J & I went glowgolfing . . . mini golf in the dark with glow-in-the-dark ball and black lights.  Of course it goes without saying that he beat me . . . but I'd be lying if I said I let him win.  And for me & B it was pottery painting.  Good times.

Little J, 2, is so incredibly adorable and sweet.  He loves to cuddle . . . best part is when he looks up with those big eyes and says 'Andie Deb. I wuv you!'  Priceless.

J, the 4 year old, asked me why I wasn't married yet.  When I told him I hadn't met anybody I wanted to marry yet, he quickly and excitedly said 'Well, I'll marry you, Auntie Deb.!'  It's nice to know my options are open. 

I leave here Monday, fly back to Philly to pack for Niger, then off to FL for another few days with my parents before leaving for good.  I will fly out of Philly on the 7th.  Crazy.

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