20 December 2010

A Man Plans His Way

. . . But the Lord determines his steps. 

Such is the case (once again) for me. 

Woke up this morning to lots of snow on the ground and the buzz of flight cancellations and airport closings.  The good news is that I didn't have to make the hour drive (or more in the snow) up to Charles de Gaulle.  The bad news is that the first flight they can put me on is December 26 (which isn't too bad, considering their first offer was the 6th of January!). 

So, while it's very disappointing . . . c'est la vie.  At least I'm not stranded in London . . . but rather in a place I've called home for a year and a half with people I enjoy and a language I (kind of) speak.

1 comment:

Hannatu said...

I was wondering if you were stuck! Enjoy your extra few days. I'm sure your family is disappointed, though.