10 November 2010

Benda Bilili

So I just got back from the ciné . . . haven't been in a while . . . but nothing had really caught my eye, until the other day when I was at the boulangerie picking up some fresh baguettes and saw a flyer for a film called Benda Bilili.  Havíng never heard of this film, I wouldn't have picked it up, except on the front were pictures of African men sitting in hand crank wheelchairs holding guitars.  Turns out our little cinéMassy was having a special one-time showing followed by a question-answer session with filmmaker. 

Turns out, I actually mentioned this group in a blog post back in 2009!  And tonight, I went to see the documentary.  It was great!  The music was great . . . story was pretty incredible.  4 of the 5 members of the band use wheeled mobility as a result of polio.  They used to get together to sing, until one day two filmmakers bumped into them (while filming something else) and took an interest.  These two French réalisateurs introduced them to a kid they met playing a homemade insturment on the streets trying to survive.  Six years later, Staff Benda Bilili not only had recorded a CD, but they began their world tour.

According to the director, the film will be released  in 2011 in US, and they have begun discussions of a second film with SBB on Route 66 and in New Orleans.  Keep a look out!  It's a good one. 

I could only find the trailer in French (below), but here's a link to the English IMDB page.

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