01 October 2010

Thank You. You're Welcome.

I love accents. 

I used to mimic them when I was a kid.  I've never been a good singer, but for some reason, I've always had a decent ear for accents.  Lately, I've taken to speaking in French with a thick, thick accent from the southern United States.  It's quite fun actually (Jee pahnse kuuuh je vay parl-aaay come sah toooo-jer).  This of course stemmed from my dear friend S. who loves to speak in English and Spanish with a very, very thick French accent (I zink zat I am goink do zpeak like zis all of zee time).  Yeah, we manage to entertain ourselves.

So anyway, all of this to say . . . this morning in class we had a great moment.  We are only five in my class this semester and it couldn't be more perfect for me and my style of learning!  Being a very interactive learner, having a small class gives us plenty of opportunities to talk and share, make jokes and laugh.  Our prof, V. is very accommodating to our need to keep things pretty light.

So today we were reading an excerpt from a sci-fi novel and our oral assignment was to describe (en francais) what we thought the aliens looked like.  I hate science-fiction novels, so thankfully another student started to talk.  J. said something about his aliens having five eyes: cinq oeils.  But actually when plural, un oeils changes to des yeux.  But since yeux starts with a vowel sound, one must liaise the consonant at the end of the first word . . . in this case the 'q' at the end of cinq becomes a 'k' sound.

Cinq yeux.

My prof read aloud as she wrote it on the board: Sank-yoo.

'You're welcome!'  my classmate said. 


Anonymous said...

"We are only five in my class this semester..."
Somebody has been studying French for too long! :-D

Sarah said...

Love the commercial!! :-)

Sarah said...

Love the commercial!! :-)