15 October 2010

Jump Right In

So Tuesday at the University,  I ended up sitting in on a class called Functional Assessment: Pediatrics.  The first several that were introduced are used for targeting kids with delays that affect their ability to learn in the classroom . . . things like handwriting skills.  Not exactly up my alley, but hey, I learned some great terminology: la discrimination figure/fond (which we call 'figure-ground'), la coordination visuo-motrice ou oculo-manuelle (okay, so I'm giving you all the easy ones: visual-motor coordination or eye-hand).

After all that, the prof pulled out his biggest gem of the day: the MIF Mômes.

When I worked on the rehab unit, everyday a staff member from every discipline had to score each patient's skill level  in 15 areas (such as: Self Care, Mobility, Continence, Cognition, etc).  We used the FIM . . .  The Functional Independence Measure.  Well, here in France, they use the MIF . . . Mesure de l'Indépendance Fonctionnelle.  Guess that makes sense!

I can't tell you how excited I am to have received this handout . . . I know, I know, I'm a nerd!  But here is a measure I know with my eyes closed . . . and now I have it in French!  Terminology about ADL's and IADL's and transfers and functional mobility!!  I feel like I've struck gold!

But even after all this, best moment in class: when the prof turned to me, asked me my name and how long I'd been practicing . . . then invited me to n'hésitez pas (don't hesitate) to share from my personal experience or add anything that would contribute to the class.  I smiled and politely agreed to do so should I have anything that might enrich his students' experience of the learning process . . . guess he hasn't caught on yet that I'm auditing these classes to learn terminology . . . sort of hard to say "Upper body dressing impairements can be a result of physical limitations (such as loss of mobility, visual impairments, coordination deficits, apraxia, etc) as well as cognitive impairements (such as problem solving or memory deficits)" when one doesn't know the French words for: UpperBodyDressing, Impairements, PhysicalLimitations, LossOfMobility, VisualImpairements, CoordinationDeficits, Apraxia (okay, I know that one: l'apraxie), CognitiveImpairements, ProblemSolving, MemoryDeficits.  I think you get my drift.

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