06 September 2010

La Rentrée

That's right.  It's back-to-school time!  Or as we say here in France, la rentrée.

I'm not sure if I can express in words how absolutely FABULOUS it is to not be a débutante this September!  I go to class and I can not only understand what my prof is saying, but I can respond . . . in complete sentences (Hey now!!  I said complete, not grammatically correct!!).

Being one of the few returning students, I'm on pause café (coffee break) duty this week.  I left class five minutes early to heat some extra water and get the last few things prepared before the break.  As I exited the classroom, I could hear one of the two débutante classes counting ensemble, out-loud, one to ten.  Uuuunnn . . . deeeeeuuuuux . . . trooooiiiiiis . . . quaaaaaatre . . . ciiiiiinq . . . siiiiiiiix . . . seeeeeept . . . huuuuuitttt . . . neeeuuuufffff . . . diiiixxxxx!

Listening to them recite I was transported back to my first few days.  I couldn't believe it's only--and already--been a year!  A WHOLE YEAR!!!

I can read French books and newspapers . . . I can watch French TV and movies . . . I can have a conversation and recount stories and make a few (small) jokes in French . . . all in ONE year!!  See . . . miracles do still happen!!  PTL!

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