22 August 2010

This Just In

I just received an email from a colleague at Galmi.  Seems the water pump is broken again.  This happend earlier this year.  The hospital's well not only provides water for the compound, but for the village of Galmi too.  Here's the news I've received so far:
O. is the Galmi water man who is in charge of the town’s water supply. This morning he came to us saying the water pressure to the town is not what it normally is. We found that the hospital pump, which supplies the hospital and the town of Galmi, is not working.

There is still some water in the two tanks that are filled by the pump, but we’re not sure how long it will last. We’ve begun rationing water, using it only for the essentials. You may remember that the team had a similar crisis earlier last year when the pump went out and the hospital was without water until we could get a new one from England. There are benefits to living in the shadow of that déjà vu, including that we now have a backup pump to use in such an emergency.

But installing that backup pump is quite an ordeal. The bore hole that supplies Galmi is 150 feet deep. We need at least 8 strong men to hoist that long steel pipe and pump out of the ground. As we are in the middle of the month of the Ramadan fast, nobody is willing to work during the day. The workers we have requested said they would arrive after sundown when they have had something to eat and drink.

In a short while, the sun will set, the daily fast will be broken, and workers will begin arriving. We’re stringing some flood lamps that will illumine the bore hole site after it gets dark. Then we’ll work through the night to pull up the pump and see if it’s an electrical short in the motor or a mechanical obstruction of the rotor in the pump.

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Deborah said...

Just saw Galmi Hospital's administrator's facebook status update on the water situation at the hospital:

Galmi water: the pump is repaired, is holding coolant now, and will get electrically tested soon. If all is well, it will get installed beginning around 9:00pm and ending around 2:00am. Water is life.