15 August 2010

Sometimes the Only Thing to Say Is 'OOPS!'

So the other day, while eating lunch, I recommended a few good French films and books to a fellow EVP volunteer.  I suggested Le Scaphandre et le Papillon (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly) which is an incredible true story of the fomer editor of Elle France.  Over the summer I read the book in French and have seen the film several times (in French, with and without subtitles).  As an OT I really enjoy the story, as it shows the perspective of the patient.

Anyway, while recommending the book, a French woman sitting with us chimmed in, adding that it is a really incredible story . . . how his Speech Therapist taught him how to communicate using the only muscles in his body that he could control: those of his left eyelid.  She went on to say how tragic it was that he died so young.  She then began saying something about the brain and pointed to the back of the neck, and then about pressure sores.  Having trouble understanding her completely, I just agreed and when she was finished I said, very enthusiastically, "Yeah, it's a GREAT story."  She stared at me with a look of half shock, half disgust.  I was a bit suprised by her response to my enthusiasm about a story we both seemed to enjoy and admire.

After a short pause of silence, the girl sitting next to me asked the woman "And exactly how long was your husband sick before he died?" 

Turns out she had said that her husband had suffered something similar and had in fact died of an infection as a result of pressure sores. 

That's what happens when you only understand 90% of what is being said!!  OOPS!

(and to ease your curiosity . . . the trailer for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly)


Bethany said...

oh Deb... you make me laugh. I miss you.

ps--I still have the face masks sitting in my bathroom. We forgot about them!! And I cannot bring myself to use them without you. Guess I'll have to wait til December.

Kathryn said...

I'm with Bethany - I miss you! Would be great to sit down together and hear about camp. Thanks for giving us a glimpse through your blog!