05 August 2010

A La Plage

So yesterday afternoon, the camp packed everyone up and we headed to the coast (~20 minutes drive) for some beach volleyball, swimming and a picknick dinner (I have some photos, but unfortunately my camera is back in my caravan . . . better planning next time).  Needless to say, it was TRES TRES BELLE!!

After about half an hour of reading in the sand the heat became pretty intense, so I hit the waves with a few other girls working here.  Accompanying us was a jolly-shaped madame who has to be in her early 70's with her gray hair pulled into a tiny ponytail at the back of her head.  She was short and round, and absolutely adorable!

As we got closer to the water, the girls took off running.  Madame (she told me her name, but I couldn't understand what she said . . . and asking her again would result in a cyclical turn of events comme: Deb.: I'm sorry, what was that?  Madame: Wlkwje Osoid.  Deb.:  Sorry?  Madame: Wlkwje Osoid.  Deb.:  Yeah, didn't catch that . . . . you get the idea . . . oy, again with the discursiveness . . . where was I . . . oh yes) Madame grabbed my hand before I had the chance to go anywhere. 

As we waded deeper into the waves, she went from just holding my hand, to gripping my arm, to clinging to me, to me holding her up as the waves crashed into us.  Determined to be in up to her neck, we persevered.  When we got to the other girls, she let go of me with one hand and used it to grip another girl, in hopes of increasing her stability.

As the crests of the waves approached she yelled to us "Wlskjdfl soijtoije slajdfiw!!  Olknsalk lakjsld slsj fwoiewjf!"  And with that she attempted to jump over the wave, taking us with her.  Once it had passed and our feet were back on the sand, she began to giggle like a little girl.  It was the first time I've ever played in the waves with an old lady, but it was great!  She was having the time of her life, and we laughed along with her.  She looked like a wrinkly, gray six-year-old!  It was FABULOUS.

Within minutes the other girls left to head back to the beach.  Madame wanted to stay, so I stayed too.  We had a great conversation.  It went something like this:

Madame: Qliafji lsaj jweivosl aslkwjoiev bajeb bjabe ogisl bwlpgi bwpioe. Gbe sbaglkj oqp gpoiag  webagu basg aosig aobao ge ai haoig p. A poiga aosi gi eal. Aipegpe gio bqgon apsoginwq qoign da odad eaonive a voinat bea aebug keaopb.
Deb. : Oh, really?  Interesting.
Madame: Poine aoea  abeubg beao! Zwo gwiht ebaslj goie th aoiten abeot emais toaie.
Deb. : Hmmm.
Madame: Ogalk ga wng  kasgkl wbagnia ealamgdsk  wbj la sgl w pagp iea vka vlrigt bqelib.  Vioa apoing  bealg aeblg eilxgt xlig ioa igdfea. aobiseo.
Deb. :  Right.  Yeah.  Okay.
Madame:  Weioaj galie goiak. T eo tto wivnle ogi eg.
In other words, I had aucune idee (no idea) what she said.  But I mimiced her facial expressions and pretended.  And she was a cute old lady playing in the waves.  I couldn't burst her bubble by telling her that I only pretend to speak French.

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Phil said...

ROTFL!!!!! You rock Deb!