12 August 2010

Je Peux Te Comprendre

All of the guests from this session have gone.  We finished scrubbing down the whole of the camp in order to prepare for the next group which arrives on Monday.  Most of the other staff leave this weekend, among which are the only two native French speakers.  C. is a retired teacher who came with her cat for 15 days to help out.  She's fabulous.  Eccentric and unconventional, but with a heart of gold and great sense of humor!

This morning at breakfast, the conversation switched to English for a few minutes (due to limitations in vocabulary).  I appologized to the two Francophones, not wanting to exclude them.  C. smiled, assuring me it was no big deal, and said 'I understand best when you speak in English.'

Wanting to clarify, I asked 'You understand best when I speak, verses the others, or when I speak in English verses French?'  After a good laugh, she assured me it was the prior.  Apparently we Americans speak much slower than the Brits, Scots, or Irish.

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