16 July 2010

Where's Home Again?

I'm back.  I know you've missed me . . . or at least having a good laugh at my expense.

I'm back in France after three weeks away.  My first two weeks were a much needed vacation (full of even-if-I-don't-go-looking-for-them-they-find-me-anyway adventures) with a dear friend, and last week was spent at Camp-of-the-Woods in the beautiful Adirondack mountains of New York (which will always make my Top 5 Most Beautiful Places in the World list) seeing my parents, old friends, new friends, and spending time with several supporters that I will not have the opportunity to be with until after I return from my first round in Niger.

Overall the break has been very restful and full of quality time with some very important people.

One thing that kept coming up was questions about my timeline and plans:
August: L'Eau Vive Provence, between Aix-en-Provence and Marseille.  L'Eau Vive is a Christian family camp not far from the Mediterranean.  I will be working in the kitchen, cleaning guest rooms, doing yard work, or whatever else they need me to do . . . all in French!  The goal of this time is to really improve my oral communication in French.
September-December 20: Back to Les Cedres in Massy.  My mornings will be spent focusing on more grammar learning in the classroom, while my afternoons with be used for profession-specific terminology.  
December 20: Fly to Philadelphia.
Christmas: With my folks in Florida.
January: South Jersey/Philadelphia.  While waiting for my visa to Niger, I will be in the Mt. Laurel area for a good chunk of January, visiting with supporters and spending time at my sending church and other supporting church.  
January 11-13: Cedarville, OH.  Good possibility that I will be one of the SIM reps at Cedarville University's annual Missions Conference.  
Some time mid to late January: Move to Niger (Galmi or bust).
So, there you have it.  My very estimated timeline for the next few months.  Hope this clears up a few questions.

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