19 June 2010

Des Bonnes Nouvelles!

I am happy to report that after my exams yesterday morning, I was able to return to the bank to get my debit card back . . . and it went smoothly and without hassle or event!  When I arrived at the bank, there was a long line, but the woman recognized and sent me immediately to the back, and even asked how I did on the exams!  All I had to do was present my passport and sign my name . . . and voila, my card was back in my hands.

And to top off the least hassle-ful day of the week, I went with three other classmates to a little restaurant tucked into an out of the way corner of Paris and ate kangaroo!  It was YUMMY!  Served with all types of stewed veggies . . . it was great!  The place was called Kiwizine . . . and was the perfect end to a roller coaster of a week.

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