20 June 2010

C'était Un Rêve!

They say we spend about two hours each night dreaming.  Everyone.  Even if one is not aware of it.  Some people can wake up in the morning and recant the details of each dream they had, as if they had watched a movie.  Some people experience very vivid dreams or frequently have nightmares.  But I'm quite the opposite.  I can remember scattered details of a handful of the dreams I've had in my 29 years, only two of which I'd classify as nightmares (both were under the age of six, so I assure you, if I shared them you'd laugh at my labeling them "nightmares" . . . but when you're under six, spiders coming out of the Christmas Tree and rub-on tattoos by old people in the park can be scary!).

They also say that while learning a new language, it is a significant milestone when one begins dreaming in that new language.  I had a roommate from Austria one summer who used to talk in her sleep every night.  For the first month it was always in German, until one night, as she was jabbering away in her mother tongue, she stopped, and said: "No, this is to hard!" and she continued the rest of her dream in English!

Well, I am happy to report that I have reached my milestone.  Due to my regular tendency to be completely unaware of my dreams, this might have actually come sooner . . . but this morning when my alarm clock woke me mid-dream, I realized that just moments before, in the confines of my head, I had been parlering le français!

Now if I only I could parle that smoothly and fluidly while conscious and alert!

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