23 May 2010

Taking Language Learning by the Horns

I have to admit.  When I signed up to move to France to study a new language I never gave any thought to the reality that for however long I wouldn't be able to freely participate in the activities I really enjoy.  I've shared before about missing crossword puzzles, but they are the tip of the iceberg.

I love being an Occupational Therapist.  There is such fun to be had in the melange of science with art!  The role of the OT is to help facilitate someone else's participation in activities and roles that are meaningful for that person.  We teach or reeducate individuals to do the everyday life "stuff" or we change their environment to give them ease and freedom of movement.   I LOVE MY JOB!

But here, in France, I can barely read three pages of a 5th grade novel within an hour's time, let alone communicate in therapy lingo . . . but some days you just have to take the plunge!  Lately I've been checking out the website of the Association Nationale Française des Ergothérapeutes for opportunities to learn (in context) some therapy lingo.  Well, I've just signed up for a free six day course (three Friday-Saturdays) on the Neuro Reeducation of Movement!!  It's taught by six OT & PT profs from different universities in Paris.  Not quite sure I will be able to follow along completely, but this is what I love!!  And hopefully there will be a few contacts made during the six sessions for more opportunities to learn vernacular!!  (I'm looking to audit a class or two in the fall, and maybe get some hours in a hospital or rehab shadowing therapists and reading charts, etc.)

I know I'm a nerd, but this is how I learn . . . so here's to changing one classroom for the next!

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