12 April 2010

This Guy's My New Hero

I don't know Matt.  I don't know where he is.  But his creativity, sense of adventure, and ability to bring people together for a good time makes me smile.

Today as I was walking back from buying popsicles at the store for my friend's little-guy who is pretty sick, I ran into two friends from my school.  B. is French and P. is from Oz . . . they started telling me about this weird thing called FlashMob . . . where large groups of people randomly start dancing in public places (like Bondi Beach, Washington Square Park, and at the Trocadero in my very own Paris) . . . but the dances are typically choreographed.  I was doubtful.  Sounded bogus to me . . . figured they were trying to pull one over on me hoping I'd start dancing like a fool in front of our little Massy bus stop.

But P. emailed me some links . . . THIS IS FOR REAL!!  A mob of people randomly stopping and standing still for 5 minutes at Grand Central Station in NYC . . . just standing there, FROZEN . . . but not stiff-as-a-board straight, in normal just-as-if-time-stood-still-mid-way-through-your-motion!  It's incredible!

So I started googling to try to find one that we could all join up with in Paris.  Talk about language learning!!  I have a hard enough time in aerobics class in ENGLISH (remember that time when the instructor had to stop giving instructions because she was laughing so hard at my uncoordedness?!?!  Yeah, that was big self-esteem moment!) let alone a choreographed dance in public EN FRANÇAIS!!

But in my google searching, I came across this guy.  Matt.  Couldn't tell you anything about him except he goes to some awesome places and just starts dancing.  He's not a very good dancer.  In fact, he looks a bit like a cheesy leprechaun, but you have to give him points for creativity!!  Enjoy!

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I.S. said...

Wow! That was sweet.
He definitely should have done a polar dip in Alaska, though.