08 April 2010

I Think I Have French Aphasia

I am self-diagnosing . . . I have aphasia.

For those of you non-therapists out there reading this, aphasia is an acquired language disorder that impairs one's capacity to process language . . . it impairs one's ability to speak and understand others, and most of the time it impairs the ability to read and write.  This is not an intellectual impairment . . . it's simply a malfunction in the language centers of the brain.

Typically, aphasia is a result of a stroke, head injury, brain tumor, other neurological conditions (such as Parkinson's, CP, or muscular dystrophy).  I am now adding French Language school to the list.

The good news is, full recovery is possible!

So what are my grounds for this self-diagnosis of expressive aphasia??  Well, here are two of the most recent examples:

We have found a French TV show similar to CSI or NCIS (which the French love and watch dubbed, along with shows like LOST, House, Bones, etc) on France1 called R.I.S. Police Scientifique (R.I.S. stands for Recherches et Investigations Scientifique which means: Scientific Research and Investigation).  French TV is great for language learning!  It's dialogue in context (unlike the CD clips we listen to in class . . . wait, I'm digressing . . . where was I . . . oh right, aphasia).  So I was telling another friend about the shows we had seen and I said: C'est un émission de phonetiques ("It's a show about phonetics") when I MEANT to say C'est un émission de FORENSIQUES.  Forensics . . . phonetics . . . easy mistake!!

Then, the other day, when we were heading off for our night away in Reims (rhymes with "France" . . . hey, don't get mad at me, I don't make the rules)  we stopped at a toll booth.  After my friend handed the woman the euros, I leaned over and asked C'est possible d'avoir une recette?  We (me, my friends, and the woman working in the booth) immediately began to roar with laughter!  I was laughing so hard I couldn't really ask her for the receipt.  In French, a receipt is un reçu . . . une recette is a recipe!

Next I'll be saying Où est la princesse de mangue??

Merci Seigneur pour l'occasion d'étudier la langue française!


Agepe said...

Nice blog. Just droppin by. Greetings

Agepe said...

Nice blog. Just droppin by. Greetings