26 March 2010

Your Questions, Answered or A Semi-Private Conversation With My Favorite Fran

So, once again I've caught up on the questions people have been asking.  But honestly, most of you aren't asking . . . except my favorite Fran.  Okay, she's my only Fran, but default or not, she's a favorite.  So, Franny, here are your (patiently awaited) answers (with one or two thrown in by someone else) followed by a screen shot of you and me checking out the blog at the same time from across the ocean:

Questions Answered

I read Desert Flower... great book.. sad.. but great. Do they practice FGM in Niger? I love you and I'm thinking about you! Franny

As far as I've found, Niger isn't typically on the FGM maps . . . but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. But at this point, I still don't know one way or another, so I cannot say yes or no. If I ever find out a more definitive answer I will let you know.

I'm having so much fun with your cinema blurbs. I have checked out Desert Flower from the library, so I am looking forward to reading it. I love you!! Franny

Oh, I'm so glad!! Some days I'm not sure if anyone is even reading this. But I find it therapeutic to write my embarrassing foot-in-the-mouth stories and I have a high enough opinion in my own taste to think that the world should like and enjoy everything I do. (And so far I haven't heard from anyone who's seen Desert Flower and hasn't been thoroughly impressed with the quality of the film and the power of the story . . . haven't read the book yet, but am considering trying in French . . . but maybe that's one of those lofty goals that is just too high right now).

My dear deb... some days I just really really miss you. I love you!!! Franny

Well, Franny, while this isn't exactly a question, I MISS YOU TOO!! I think you and the mister should come for a visit. And if that can't happen, we need to plan on a Skype date soon! (And thank you for faithfully leaving me questions that I have been lousy about responding to . . . love you, my dear friend!)

It's franny... AHHH! I can't believe S. and ALOWE came to see you!! I am so jealous!!!! :( I love you!!

FRAN!!! Yup, S. & A-Lowe were here . . . they were on a quick European vacation and of course had to make a stop in the city of love. I was able to spend the good part of a Wednesday with them . . . it was really great to catch up and see them. We had fun wandering around and they pretended that I was a good tour guide . . . and they were VERY gracious when I had the same response to all their "And what is that over there" questions: "Uh, I don't, some building where something happened at some point and is probably now a museum or opera house or public office."

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? What are some tongue twisters in French?

For me, every thing I say in French is a tongue twister!

But a school-mate of mine posted this on his facebook wall, so I didn't actually find it myself, but hey it's a tongue twister (English translation to follow):

Ce chat, Sir, sait chasser, c'est sûr. Suis-je bien chez ce cher Serge? Un chasseur sachant chasser doit savoir chasser sans son chien
Les chaussettes de l'archiduchesse sont-elles sèches? Archi-sèches!
Cinq chiens chassent six chats.
Un pâtissier qui pâtissait chez un tapissier qui tapissait, dit un jour au tapissier qui tapissait: vaut-il mieux pâtisser chez un tapissier qui tapisse ou tapisser chez un pâtissier qui pâtisse?

This cat, Sir, known to hunt, for sure. Am I really at this dear Serge? A hunter must know knowing hunt hunt without his dog Socks the Archduchess are they dry? Archi-dry! The soldier's cats. A baker who suffered within a tapestry that lined, once said that lined the tapestry:is it better to bake in a tapestry that lines or line in a baker who suffer?

If you could only listen to one song for the next month, which would it be?

Les Champs Élysée by Joe Dassin . . . it's already been stuck in my head for a month, but since the only line I know at the moment is ". . . Oh, Champs-Élysée, Oh, Champs-Élysée" I see it as a good language lesson.  (Wait . . . I've picked up something about le solei (the sun) and à midi et à minuit (at noon and at midnight)  and que vous voulais (I think that's that you liked but my translating skills have been rubbish lately) and heir soir (last night) . . . .)

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