26 March 2010

Tour Paris Without Getting On The Plane

Want to come see my world but are taking a moral stand against airline food?  Well, there's good news!  I've just come across a new website that offers a great (nearly 360) view of Pairs with the ability to zoom in and out and turn up and down, right and left.  It also has most of the main landmarks labeled, with the opportunity to click for more information . . . I guess this trumps my little homemade video from the top of Notre Dame with the pitiful audio commentary of  "Uh, that big thing over there is the Eiffel Tower . . . and that's some church . . . and there's something else famous, but I don't know what it is . . . and I think that's the Arc du Triomphe--yeah, it's flat on top, so it must be . . . and that little white speck on top of that hill over there is the Sacre Coeur--here, let me zoom in so it's out of focus and you can't see it any more . . . oh and here's a gargoyle, but it's a bit dark and unimpressive from this angle and you're probably seasick from my inability to hold the camera still, but thanks for suffering through my home video." http://www.paris-26-gigapixels.com/index-en.html

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