12 March 2010

God's Beautiful Network

A few weeks after the earthquake in Haiti, I received a request from a nurse I've never met who used to work at the hospital where I will go learn to build prosthetics from PVC piping in Nigeria.  The request was for health professionals to go and help at a make-shift hospital in Haiti.  Feeling that the timing was not right for me, I forwarded the request to many old friends and colleagues via facebook . . . not really sure that anything would ever come of it.  But one old friend . . . from high school . . . felt a burden and left her four kids (two are twins not quite six months, I think) with her husband, her mom, and her mother-in-law, and went for 10 days to Haiti to help bring new babies into the world.  

Her husband is a professional wedding photographer and posted some of her pics on his blog today.  I'm taking the liberty to forward this link to you.  What struck me the most was that most of the pics E. took she left in Haiti, as many of the patients had never had photos of themselves before!  What a priceless gift to be able to capture a moment of joy during such a painful time!  I think it's the little things that are the most beautiful.  

Thank you, E. for going . . . for all of us that (heartbrokenly) cannot.  http://toddpelloweblog.com/louisville-wedding-photographer/index.cfm?postID=180&Emilys-Trip-to-Haiti

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