14 March 2010

Fleur du Désert

I've just come back from the cinéma.  My friend and I went to see the new film Desert Flower.  On the surface, the film tells the story of Waris Dirie, former supermodel from Somolia, who ran away from a nomadic family at the age of 14 to avoid a forced marriage.  She ended up in the West and was discovered by a fashion photographer.  As her story unfolds, the issue of female circumcision and genital mutilation comes to the surface.

While the theme is heavy and the reality is heartbreaking, her story is told in such a beautiful manner.  There are light moments which leave the audience laughing (such as when she has to walk in high heals for the first time) and the film provokes thought on the reality of the depth of cultural view points.

The content was heavy, but the film was extraordinary!  For my more conservative readers, you may want to check reviews from sites like screenit.com to decide if it contains content you prefer to avoid.     

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