14 February 2010

Weekend of the Socks

I got two gifts over the weekend . . . and both were socks!

When I woke up yesterday afternoon, there was a small wrapped package waiting for me outside my door.  My SouthAmerican friend, S., had been out that day and saw some socks that made her think of me.  Not really sure why these ones in particular, but the reason is because she has (on more than one occasion) made fun of me for wearing holes through the backs of my socks . . . but this is very common for me . . . I have unusually defined calcanei (the calcaneus is the heel bone) and the posterior tuberosities (where the Achilles tendon attaches) stick out a little more than normal.  So I always rub holes in my socks and destroy the back lining of shoes.  I guess she got tired of seeing my heels.

The other pair is from my Tennessean friend, E.  E. is a big runner and ran the Paris Marathon last year.  A few weeks ago I decided to run my first road race . . . the Handicap International 5K in Paris.  To encourage me, E. brought me a little gift today . . . special running socks from SOUTH AFRICA!  E. lived in Durban for two years and shares my love for all thins d'Afrique du Sud (including the Springbok's . . . who's B-Team I saw practicing the other day . . . HERE IN MASSY!!  They were here for some sort of training and a tournament).  The brand is ZULU . . . performance socks for the warrior in all of us.  Made me happy.

Thanks girlies!  Love you too!

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