27 January 2010

Vous Êtes Parisienne?

My friend and I went to hear a French Blue Grass Band play tonight in Paris.  I've never really been into blue grass, but she didn't want to go alone, and any opportunity to get out an practice French is a good one.

Nashville Airplane is made up of Jack, Christophe, Remi, François, and Hervé.  It was FANTASTIC!  My friend is from the heart of Tennessee and absolutely loves blue grass.  I was unsure what to expect, but had a surprisingly great time.  To quote E, "It's hard not to be happy listening to blue grass."

And the crowd loved them too!  It felt VERY surreal to see a Frenchman wearing a tan leather vest, with cowboy boots and a cowboy hat!!  Or to see trendy French teenagers two-stepping hick-style to the beat.  Or to hear the band say un, deux, trois, quatre . . . and then start singing in English!  It was FABULOUS!!!  One of the band members noticed my friend singing along, so he came up and introduced himself and asked if she'd like to sing with them!! (That's E in the middle)  C'est GÈNIAL!

Along with mostly traditional American blue grass songs, they did cover Knockin' On Heaven's Door by Guns N' Roses, Proud Mary by CCR, and (drumroll please) . . . Lady Madonna by the Beatles!!  Of course, they played each one with their very own unique style, but they were really good!

At one point, Jack, the lead singer, came over to chat with us.  E and I had already had a conversation about him, and had decided that based on the way he pronounced his R's while he sang, there was no way he was French.  Born and raised a Good Ole Boy down in the deep south.  No doubt.  But when he came to chat with us, he insisted that he's only spent 7 weeks (total in his life) in the US . . . he's a Parisian from birth.  Claims he's got a PhD in English and picked up the southern accent by singing country music.  Not sure I believe him, but hey, stranger things have happened.  Like when a guy standing nearby walked up and asked my friend in French, where she comes from.  She said the US.  He looked at me and said, Mais vous êtes Parisienne? (But you're a Parisian?)  HA!!!  When we told him Pas du tout! (Not at all!) he was surprised.  But you talk to him en Français!  He claimed to have live his whole life in Paris . . . so there you have it.  After five months I'm passing for a Parisian . . . what a joke!

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