16 January 2010


After lunch today, I was sitting having coffee with my friends from Germany, Colombia, and Tennessee, along with one of the prof's from the school.  At the table, I had the lowest language level by far (the next highest was B2/C1 . . . I'm just starting A2), so the conversation was très vite (very fast) and the vocab was far beyond what I can use, but I was following about 85-90% of what was said. 

They began talking about the film Avatar.  Suddenly I heard words I didn't know: toit dé . . . or perhaps it was tois dée . . . our toi dai . . . je ne sais pas.   The more they used the words the more confused I was . . . what in the world is toit dé???

The beauty of language learning is that when listening to a conversation, one can learn so much vocabulary through the context of the subject at hand.  Toit dé is not actually toit dé.  It's 3-D!!  Trois-D!!!  So, when phonetiques fail, there's always context to fall back on!

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