20 January 2010

J'ai Fait le Spätzle

My German friend, E, made lunch for a few of us today . . . but she let me help.

Spätzle is a noodle-like dish that is a speciality of the southern regions in Germany.  The dough is made up of flour, water, milk, eggs, and salt (smells much like waffle mix before cooking).  E let me use the Spätzlepress to drop the noodles into rapidly boiling water.  Once the batch of buoyant ribbons were cooked through, they were removed from the water and rinsed.

Topped with a beef gulasch (with a hint of red wine and shallots), it was FANTASTIC!

Being a quarter of a descendant of the south west region of Germany, I consider Spätzlepressing to be a long lost art that should have been passed down, but was lost somewhere in the branches of the family tree (much like meringue).  Thankfully, I am living with Europeans who are making up for lost time and teaching me what I should have learned in my great-grandmother's kitchen . . . so hopefully the Italian students will be coming in February . . . I need to learn how to make a proper cannoli!

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