13 December 2009

Word Finding Difficulties

15 of us had dinner together tonight.  At one point I was sitting across the table from the professor who lives here on the property.  She was saying something about someone (in French of course) and I was following along.  Until all of a sudden I heard "Y yez endi seize y yez."  I had to think about that for a second: "Y yez endi seize y yez."  Hmmmm . . . what does that mean?  I thought harder.  "Y yez endi seize y yez." 

Well, seize is French for sixteen . . . and y is a pronoun for a place (kind of like there . . . kind of) but yez??  and  endi??  And just because I don't know the words, doesn't mean they aren't French. 

And that's when it dawned on me.  The sentance was in EnglishHe is and he says he is.  They tell me this is a good sign, but really it just makes me feel like an idiot!

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