08 December 2009

Hearing From Home

I haven't lived close to my family in 10 years . . . but God has always provided pseudo-family for me wherever I end up.

When I moved to New Jersey in 2004 good friends in South Africa actually got me connected to the church that would become my home.  After about a year at FBC I ended up in a community group with the folks that eventually became my New Jersey Family.  These wonderful people have loved me and cared for me and treated me like I was one of their own.  And I was.

As I wrestle with off and on culture-stress, looking ahead to Christmas in a few weeks, and press on learning French (with all the regular highs and lows of life), I have come to find myself facing a very new feeling: homesickness.  It isn't always there.  But sometimes.  And I feel it right now.

I received a box in the mail today from my New Jersey Family!  Getting mail is always a blessing and it always cheers me up.  They sent my favorite kind of coffee (French Roast . . . which you can't get here, believe it or not) some happy chocolates, granola bars (!!!) and even a pair of Christmas socks!!  But the best part . . . CHRISTMAS CARDS!!!  Each couple had written one for me! 

I was never into Christmas cards before.   I hated writing them, and really, what does one do with them after Christmas is over??  But these are the most beautiful Christmas cards I've ever received!  The French don't really do Christmas cards.  You can find a few, but mostly the ones in the shops are for New Year's.  I find that strange, but hey, it's their way.

So thank you!!  THANK YOU!!!  I love you all and miss you very much.  My Sunday nights are not the same without you. 

And for all the rest of you out there, if you know a m!ss!onary somewhere out there in the world . . . WE LOVE MAIL!  (and you can send Christmas cards to me at: 17 voie de Wissous, MASSY 91300, France)

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