30 November 2009

Minor Collision

I think I've mentioned before that the French don't hug . . . and hand shaking isn't as common as it is back home either.  Here, to greet a friend or an acquaintance (or, when at church, a complete stranger) one gives bisous . . . that's the kiss on both cheeks.  In other parts of France, they will give as many as four, but here it's two: starting with the right, and moving to the left.

So far I've had no real blunders with the bisou . . . well, that is up until now.  At church yesterday, my friend S. came up to say hi.  He gently leaned in for a soft bise on the right . . . CRASH! 

I knocked my head right into his.  Smooth Deb., real smooth!

I will blame my lack of grace (and gross motor skills) on over exhaustion having left to take some friends to the airport at 4:45am . . . but sadly there's really no good excuse for being an absolute motor-moron!!

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