20 November 2009

It's Hard Throwing Away Everything You Already Know

I think the first grammar rule we anglophones learn as kids is I before E except after C.  Well, that's not true in French. 

I not only gets to change it's position with E, it has taken E's name!  That's right, in French, the I is pronounced as E.  So as if I wasn't confused enough already!!

But as I was struggling with spelling and pronunciation today in class, it occurred to me that there is a spiritual lesson here for me as well.  I have trouble spelling 16 . . . seize because the way my brain has always thought is I before E.  But now, I have to put off that old way of thinking . . . because while it is a rule in English, it is not in French.  And since I already know English, I am here to learn French . . . and to learn French I must let go of the old rules I know for English and stop applying them to my new language: French. 

Spiritual application: I know the old way of the self-life really well.  I was born into it.  It's comfortable.  It's easy.  I don't have to think about it . . . it just comes naturally.  But since surrendering to grace and choosing to take on a lifestyle of discipleship of Christ Jesus, I have to continually put down the self-life and allow the Holy Spirit to control me.  I find myself continually struggling between what self wants and what The Spirit wants.  Sometimes self puts up a pretty good fight . . . but in His kindness, The Spirit convicts and guides and grows.

So, no laughter tonight . . . just a reminder that His grace is sufficient.

(Oh, and I gave a stranger directions to the train station tonight . . . IN FRENCH!  And he understood me!  There's really no telling if I the directions were correct, but hey, the point is that I understood what he was asking and I was able to respond . . . VICTORY!  Well at least until I find him wandering around the streets of Old Massy tomorrow morning still looking for the train station)

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