16 November 2009

I Think There's Humor In Everything

Today in Biblical French class, we were looking at the parable of the Sower from Mark 4. We learned all kinds of new vocab like le chemin (the path) and roches (rocks) and √©pineux (thorny).  After we had to read the parts of the parable and arrange them in order (sans anglais), my prof gave us several other activities we had to do related to the meaning of the parable. 

In one of the questions was the word favoriser (to favor) . . . but it was conjugated, so we weren't quite sure what it meant.  I pulled out my trusty dictionaire--which has become my new best friend--and began to look up the word while my prof tried to explain the meaning utilizing other phrases in French (which didn't really help).  While I was looking, I heard her say favoriser and began scanning the page for a word that looked as that sounded (which for those of you who speak French, often there are many letters not pronounced, so if I haven't already seen the word written down, looking it up is sort of hit-or-miss).  I found faveur, but not favoriser.  So I scanned again . . . and voila!  There was something that looked like what I thought I was looking for: favoris!!  VICTORY!!  Or so I thought.  I glanced at the meaning: SIDEBURNS!   

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