07 September 2009


That is the literal translation of the French for the number 91. Yes, you read that correctly: Four-Twenty-Eleven. So not only am I horrible at math in English, I now have to be able to do math in French just to be sure I'm counting correctly!! OY!

And let's not even talk about spelling! Cause I certainly can't do that in English . . . and French doesn't spell anything like it sounds!

But I did have a really funny moment in class today. We were learning through the conjugation of etre (to be) you know: I am je suis, you are tu es, he/she is il/elle est, we are nous sommes, you plural are etes, and they are ils/elles sont. Well, I asked a question related to the second person singular formal versus informal, the answer was the verb form es remains the same (even though vous is the second person singular formal word for you along with the second person plural formal or informal . . . or at least that's what I gathered from the answer I was given in French). ANYWAY, we were then reading through a series of examples and mine was with the second person singular informal. So I said "es." My teacher responded with "Bien. Ecrivez." Write it. I was confused. Why would she want me to write E-S. So I picked up my pen an drew E-S in the air. The entire class erupted into laughter. Clearly I had done something funny. But once again, the French-train was speeding down the track, as Deb. stood helplessly on the platform. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I had done wrong. Someone in class said "Well, guess we know who the visual learner is!" I was still confused. "Ecrivez??" I asked. "Oui! Ecrivez! Ecrivez!" Then it occured to her . . . "Epeler" Spell. "OH!!! E-S." (which sounds like "ooouh-essss" in French.) I guess write and spell are used interchangably here. Oh well, gave everyone a good laugh. Which really is necessary for survival!

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