09 September 2009

Bus Faux-Pas

So we don't have class on Wednesday . . . hallelujah! The French public schools are off on Wednesday, but go on Saturday mornings. So we get the day off. I'm not sure why, but I don't really care. I get a day free of the classroom.

I ventured out beyond the Massy borders into a town called Thiais today. Two classmates came with, and journeyed on bus to the nearest Ikea to pick up a few things the school didn't provide for us.

We made it there without event (apart from a messy episode of major motion sickness by one of the girls . . . just thankful it was at the stop and not while still in the bus!) and enjoyed wandering around Ikea learning some house-hold words like duvet and armoires . . . oh wait, I already knew those . . . um . . . okay, I enjoyed wandering around Ikea reinforcing the words I already knew.

Our bus rides home were much more crowded. On the first, it was standing room only. In an attempt to not make much of a scene, I squeezed my hand around the nearest pole, shared with a nearly elderly gentleman. Pardon. I said politely. He stared at me. I turned toward my friends so as not to stare back. The bus jerked. My hand slipped, bumping on top of his. Merci! I turned to him. He looked confused . . . in my head I corrected myself, "No, dummy, you just THANKED him! What you should have said was Excusez-moi!" The bus jerked again . . . same thing. "Merci, monsieur!" CRAP! I did it AGAIN!! Come on, Deb. you can get this right!!! As I continued to repeat my new mantra of excusez-moi, monsieur, excusez-moi, the bus skretched to a halt and I lunged backward STEPPING ON HIS FOOT!!!! Oh if looks could kill! "EXCUSEZ-MOI, MONSIEUR!!" Surely I left him with crushed metatarsals, but gosh-darn it, I got the phrase correct!! VICTORY!!

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