05 September 2009

5 baguettes et 2 poisson

In chapel (culte) yesterday, one of the professors had us open our French Bibles to Luke 9:10-18. I was completely lost until all of a sudden I heard "poisson" and "garcon" . . . "fish" and "boy." It was the feeding of the 5000! I slowly began to understand the concept: it's impossible to feed 5000+ people with 5 loaves and 2 fish, unless of course you're Jesus. I wanted to stand up and shout "I'm the 5 loaves and 2 fish!!" when he continued and said something along the lines of "You have 5 verbs and 2 adjectives. With man, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible!" So that's were I am . . . not sure I have any verbs yet . . . but it will come.

It's funny, when I was in the States, I couldn't comprehend the reality of this massive undertaking I'm currently experiencing. But the more I get out of my room, the more I am learning. There are so many things I have been able to pick up just from context: the neon green "sortie" above every door means "exit." And after wandering around the grocery store for several hours, I was able to write out half of my list in French: Poulet (chicken) Fromage (cheese) Legume (vegetables) Pain (bread) Nutella (okay, that was a joke to see if you were still reading), Lait (milk) vin blanc (white wine, which poached my salmon BEAUTIFULLY tonight!!! MMMMMM.) Well anyway, you get the idea.

Our internet is down at school right now, so I'm sitting at McDonalds with a classmate using their free wifi. I actually managed to order our coffee!! "Bon soir. Je voudrais un espresso et un double latte." I was quite proud of myself when the woman went and got the coffee and handed it to me. VICTORY!!! I know . . . I know. It's the little things in life!

Well, I really must do a little bit of homework before they close in half an hour. That's all for now. Tomorrow will be spent in Paris. The museums are free on the frist Sunday of the month, so I'm going with a family that I met at a training course in the States for an afternoon at the Louvre. Hello MonaLisa. Will take my camera and try to post some photos soon.
Au revoir!

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