17 August 2009

The Great Cloud of Witnesses

I have heard the name "Helen Roseveare" before and have been told on numerous occasions that I would love her writings. But I've never remembered her name long enough to even look her up. Until this morning when I actually pulled out a pen and a post-it and wrote myself a note.

Helen Roseveare served in the Congo for many years as a doctor . . . she has an amazing story of how God has been molding her into the image of His Son. She is now officially one of my heroes.

What struck me most today while listening to her stories was not so much what she's been through (intense suffering including being held hostage and raped numerous times), but the promise she made to the Lord before she left for Africa. She described a time of prayer regarding Philippians 3:10 (That I may know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings), she said to the Lord something along the lines of: "when it gets to be too much, and I tell You that I cannot bear any more and I beg You to make it stop, I am giving You permission now to ignore me." This is a woman who understood that God's purpose for us is to be made like Him . . . no matter the cost.

I came across two of her speaking engagements that are available for free download online. The first was in 2007 at the Desiring God conference . . . incredible!! http://www.desiringgod.org/Blog/850_stand__helen_roseveare/
The second, from 1975, is the fourth download on sermonindex.net entitled The Cost of Declaring His Glory

There is also a two part article on the Urbana website in a section called The Great Cloud of Witnesses: Page 1: http://www.urbana.org/great-cloud-of-witnesses/helen-roseveare-courageous-woman-doctor-in-the-congo Page 2: http://www.urbana.org/great-cloud-of-witnesses/the-fellowship-of-his-suffering-helen-roseveare-cont

Be sure to check out the other incredible men and women that the Lord has used over the years: http://www.urbana.org/great-cloud-of-witnesses/introduction-a-great-cloud-of-witnesses

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