05 August 2009

Coming Up Next

I have a plane ticket! I leave for France August 26. I will be studying French for a year at Les Cedres, a language school in the southern suburbs of Paris. So stay tuned for lots of funny stories of how I manage to butcher the beautiful French language.

In the mean time, I checked out Niger on www.lonelyplanet.com. They have some interesting information about Niger, along with photos. My favorite was what it had to say about ATM machines in Niger: ATM's Nonexistent. HA! Current exchange rate is $1: CFA498 (West African CFA Franc). Population: 12.5 million + 4, as Galmi's new pediatrician and his family head over at the end of August. And there is no traffic report either! Guess the semi's and camels are flowing nicely. Looking forward to being back there.

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M.S. said...

We fly out Aug 26th too! We fly from Tulsa to Detroit and Detroit to CDG and arrive at 11:30am the 27th. Might we be on the same flight? I know it's a long shot but...we'll see you there!!!!