24 June 2009

Round 2

A few months back I submitted a photo to a contest that was put on by Adventure in Missions. Then I forgot about the contest . . . until yesterday. I got an email that my photo had been one of 30 selected (from 3000+) to move on to round two. So now I have to upload a 20 photo portfolio. Be sure to check out my competition (they are some REALLY great photos!) http://updates.adventures.org/?filename=missions-photo-contest-winners-final-results-for-round-one

I'm now back a week from South Africa. It was good to be there again. Durban is very comfortable for me . . . feels like a second home. It was such a blessing to be with old friends again and to make some new ones. I very much enjoyed my time at the Children's Home. Instead of traveling alone as I usually do, I brought four others from my home church. Here is a video of some photos we took along with something each of us learned while on the trip. Enjoy.