12 February 2009

Just Like Jesus.

I had breakfast with Brooklyn (3) this morning. Once she finished explaining why Special K is called Special K ("Cause it has K in it, Deb.!"), she reminded me that she used to live in England, and asked if I had ever been there. This eventually brought us to the fact that I"ll be in France for a year and then in Africa. To help her understand the time frame, I told her that she will be 5 when I'm done in France and 8 when I return from Africa.

B: Wow. I'll be a doctor by then.
D: Is that what you want to be when you grow up?
B: Yeah.
D: Well, then you can come and work with me at Galmi.
B: Do you dress up like a doctor when you're there?
D: No. I'm not a doctor. I'm an Occupational Therapist.
B: (blank stare)
D: An OT is some one who helps people who can't walk learn how to. And do other stuff.
B: Just like Jesus! He had special powers!
D: (smile) Well, kind of. But Jesus used miracles.
B: Then what will you use?
D: PVC piping and rubber feet from India.
B: Oh.

Judah is quite the little talker too . . . and little Joel is precious (photos to come).

Here's a shot I took with my phone of me and B. when she came to get me from the airport yesterday.

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