18 February 2009

Niger Makes the News

Niger is rarely on the front of the BBC's Africa news page. But today it made it. Back in December, there were 2 Canadians (one is Robert Fowler, the UN Envoy to Niger) and 4 Europeans (all tourists . . . I still can't get over that people actually come to Niger for holidays!) kidnapped. Today it was announced that Al-Qaeda is claiming responsibility. Please be praying for these six individuals. Pray also for the safety of the Evangelical community in Niger (while they are not yet targets, as we see from the example around the world, they very well could be). And pray for the men & women involved in such extremism, that they would know the grace and truth of Christ.


A Few More

Just a few more of little Joel.

15 February 2009

The Kiddos

As promised, photos of Brooklyn, Judah, and Joel.
B. & J. icing cupcakes for Papa's birthday.

Helping Papa blow out his candles.

B. painting pictures.

J. painting and making faces.

Introducing Joel Aiden Berruti:

12 February 2009

Just Like Jesus.

I had breakfast with Brooklyn (3) this morning. Once she finished explaining why Special K is called Special K ("Cause it has K in it, Deb.!"), she reminded me that she used to live in England, and asked if I had ever been there. This eventually brought us to the fact that I"ll be in France for a year and then in Africa. To help her understand the time frame, I told her that she will be 5 when I'm done in France and 8 when I return from Africa.

B: Wow. I'll be a doctor by then.
D: Is that what you want to be when you grow up?
B: Yeah.
D: Well, then you can come and work with me at Galmi.
B: Do you dress up like a doctor when you're there?
D: No. I'm not a doctor. I'm an Occupational Therapist.
B: (blank stare)
D: An OT is some one who helps people who can't walk learn how to. And do other stuff.
B: Just like Jesus! He had special powers!
D: (smile) Well, kind of. But Jesus used miracles.
B: Then what will you use?
D: PVC piping and rubber feet from India.
B: Oh.

Judah is quite the little talker too . . . and little Joel is precious (photos to come).

Here's a shot I took with my phone of me and B. when she came to get me from the airport yesterday.

09 February 2009

The Latest From Galmi

For those of you who receive my email updates, you will recall that about a month ago there was a very serious accident involving a carload of expatriot missionary staff from Galmi in which a 10 year-old Nigerien boy was killed. Our personnel director in Niger has just posted an update on the one missionary who was seriously injured in the accident. She's also included photos of the vehicle, post accident, as well as some of Y after being released from the hospital. Please continue to pray for her recovery as well as for the greiving family of this little boy.