10 December 2008

Water Crisis at Galmi

This was posted by one of the folks currently at Galmi. Just thought you should know. As of word on the impending strike, so far it is still just a threat. To see the full post on the water situation at Galmi, check out Cindy's blog.

A situation has come up that could have very serious implications for the town of Galmi, the hospital, and all the missionaries here.The pump for our well has broken down. It is now impossible to pump water up from the well into the large storage tanks across the road from the hospital. The people in the village also use this water supply. They have become desperate enough to break one of the pipes in one storage tank to steal the water. This breakage also caused the tank to drain to almost empty, thus wasting most of the water that flowed out uncontrollably.

We had a new pump, but it has sat in storage for many years. When it was put into use, it too failed. We are trying a temporary fix, but this may not even be possible. We are trying to get a new pump, but it could take several days to get here.We are on strict water restrictions for the next few days. No laundry, or watering our just-beginnning-to grow vegetable gardens.We have a few days of drinking water available, but after that, we will have to go somewhere else temporarily.Please pray that we can get a temporary fix for the pump, and that a new one will get here quickly. We especially feel for the families with young children.

The construction project is on hold as large quantities of water are needed to mix the cement. Our builder leaves next week, and was hoping to have this part of the building completed before he leaves.Thank you for praying for us, our fellow missionaries, and the people of Galmi.

And for those of you following the crisis in Jos, Nigeria, here is the link to a post by a fellow SIMer who is living through it: http://renemarshall.blogspot.com/2008/11/jos-crisis-few-words-and-pix.html.

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