21 November 2008

Praying for Galmi

One of the M's working at Galmi right now posted this on her blog today(http://chatswithcindy.blogspot.com/2008/11/galmi-hospital.html). Please join us in praying for this situation:

I am coming to you with another Prayer Request.Last night we learned that a proposed date of Tuesday, Nov. 25th., our Hospital employees will go out on STRIKE.STRIKE is not new to us. There are always 'rumblings' going on, but they are usually diverted. This seems to be taking shape quite quickly.Many ask..."Aren't you a Christian Hospital?", yes, we are...we live in a fallen world.Please pray for us as missionaries...this is difficult. Difficult with relationships with our African friends that take years to build...trust with each other that has even taken longer to put into place. We went through this a year ago and thought things were settled...God has other plans.A lot of meetings are going on today with Admin. Please pray for great wisdom and discernment. Three missionaries and three nationals make up our Admin. Committee until a full time Hospital Director can get here. Our committee is tired. They all have other responsibilities in the hospital and on the compound. To have this brought up again is very discouraging.We know that God is greater then all of this... He is Faithful and Good. We are holding onto the edge of His robe...Thanks once again for your prayers...

I will try to keep you posted as I here more.

Happy Birthday Rene!

Today is Rene Magritte's 110th birthday!!! What's that? YOU DON'T KNOW WHO RENE MAGRITTE IS?!?!?! Did you fail Art History???? Rene Magritte is the GREATEST painter of all time!! (sorry, but you're kid's paint-by-number's don't count as masterpieces)

Magritte was a Belgian surrealist, and in my opinion, brilliant. Here's a link to some more info on his life and career: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ren%C3%A9_Magritte

So Happy 110th, Rene!