30 August 2008

A New Use For an Old Garlic Press

I'm not a big fan of sour. But I love limes. I put lime juice in my rice (mmm, with a splash of cilantro -- that's coriander leaves for those of you not from NorthAmerica) . . . I like it in Coke . . . or sprinkled on chicken or fish . . . mmmmm, lime. Well, here at Galmi we have them GROWING ON TREES! That's right, we don't have to wait for a vendor to pop up on the compound, or venture out to the market on Wednesdays; nope, all we have to do is hunt down the nearest lime tree and give a good shake. Or at least pick them off the branches.

Well, I didn't do any of the picking, as I still don't know what a lime tree actually looks like (I know, "it's the one with all the limes on it" . . . but the SIM compound is actually quite a jungle in the midst of the Sahel here . . . so the limes are blending in a bit.

ANYWAY, what's all of this have to do with a garlic press?? Well, I'm glad you asked. If you want to make fresh-squeezed limeade, but the limes aren't nearly as big as your used to, and have way more seeds than those do, just cutting and squeezing makes a nice sized mess. Here, in the lovely flat SIM has provided for me, is a Juice-O-Matic . . . circa 1950 . . . in fact, I believe it came over with the Long family when they started Galmi hospital. And considering my respectfulness towards antiques, I felt it wouldn't be right for me to smush little tiny limes on it's experienced surfaces. So, I looked for some sort of mesh sieve to press the pulp through.

Found one, but I can't tell if it was painted redish-brown or if it's just rusting nicely . . . so I opted to find a Plan C. Voila! There in the drawer was an old garlic press. All I'd have to do is pop in a lime half and . . . wait . . . fit in there limehalf . . . grrrrr. Limehalf doesn't fit. Hmmm. OOOOH, how about limequarter?? Hey, now that works!!!!

So, wen you're here at Galmi (because even if you're not a doctor, there's plenty to do here), and you're tired of straight water, and you'd like to make a nice pitcher of refreshing limeade, but you don't want a lot of mess and fuss, just whip out your garlic press and you'll be refreshed in no time!

(everything here, I'm learning, is a process . . . but that seems to be where the joy is hidden.)

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