05 April 2008

Vingt-sept attentes

I fully intended to keep this blog strictly focused on my journey to Niger . . . but one only turns a year older every 365 days. At work today, every time I had to write the date, my hand switched to auto-pilot and wrote "4/4/81" instead of "4/4/08" . . . I must say, I have a most convenient DOB for filling out customs forms and visa applications. Day-Month-Year . . . Month-Day-Year . . . no worries!! I get it right every time!

But it was a good night. My dear friend, Priscila, invited me to go to the Phila Art Museum with her for Art After 5 -- live jazz on the grand staircase. She and her friend Byron had muffins and candles waiting on the Rocky-Steps and sang to me in front of the sun-setting over Center-City. Then Jenny came! It was fantastic! Great muffins . . . great music . . . great company! It was a great day to become twenty-seven!

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