26 January 2008

Keeping you Informed

I've had quite a number of emails asking me to detail the process I'm going through with SIM (Serving in Mission). I find myself telling the same stories over and over again; I thought the best way to make the details of this process more readily accessible is to start a blog.

So here's the latest:
At SIMStart (the weekend long interview, early January) they asked me to consider a long-term placement at the community hospital and leprosarium in Danja, Niger, West Africa. We are waiting for the "thumbs up" from the team already there before that becomes the official plan.

I head back to North Carolina for SIMCO (Candidate Orientation) for three weeks starting at the end of February. This will be an intense time of training and preparation, along with interviewing before the SIM Board (and I thought meeting with the psychologist was intimidating!!).

In April I will have a week long Health Care & Agriculture course in Florida (a requirement from the grant organization Project MedSend, www.medsend.org). That's right, Deb.'s going to learn sustainable farming!!

Two weeks of language acquisiton training (either in July or November), two online courses (Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and another from MedSend), then on to a year of language (French) study in Europe. All of this, plus 11 required books to read, before I can get to Africa.

So that's the latest. For now my time continues to be preparation.

Isaiah 48:17
This is what the Lord says, the Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: I am the Lord your God who teaches you what is best for you, Who leads you in the way you should go.